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Investment Placment

Diversifying investors’ base can be considered a good strategy for many investment opportunities and for several reasons.

We have access to a long list of investors including institutional investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

Given our list of investors we are capable to assist our clients accessing an investor base which is out of their geographic reach

Business Facilitation

Many companies look to expand their businesses beyond borders of their own home countries. However, this can be considered a very risky step, if the right partners are not found

Emesus enjoys first hand relation with a wide spectrum of established businesses. Some of these are considered among the main players in their own sectors.

Emesus, can reduce the cost and risk of cross border expansion by acting on behalf of our clients search, shortlist and evaluate potential partners when considering market entry. Also, we can advise on applicable local systems and practices for the sectors we cover.

Fund Structuring

Be it mutual funds, REITs, or any other structure. Be it, listed equity, private equity, real estate, commodity, or any other asset class. It can be difficult for asset managers to structure Sharia compliant investment opportunities that would cater for investors in other parts of the world

Emesus can advise on structuring and marketing different Sharia compliant investment opportunities, helping certain markets accessible for asset managers who are looking for expanding their investor reach

Investment Managment

Managing cross-border direct investments is a costly and resource intensive process. The fact that makes it unfeasible for many investors to consider lucrative investments in other countries.

With its extensive exposure to several industries and business models, Emesus is capable of filling this gap in representing investors on overseeing their direct investments in the countries we cover, making direct foreign investment a reality for less resourceful investors

Transaction Management & Support

Shortage in resources, lack of expertise, or geographic distance can face transaction houses when undertaking certain transactions.

With the extensive transaction expertise Emesus has, it makes us the preferred partner to fill up the resource gap for transaction houses.

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