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​Emesus is an independent adviser with significant expertise in investment banking, financial advisory, and strategic business consultancy.  We have earned our capabilities from first hand exposure to different markets, multiple transactions, numerous industries, and relationships with a long list of institutional and individual investors. We provide cross border advisory services for clients who want to geographically expand their investment exposure or business reach. We aim to be the point of reference for businesses and investors when considering their strategic expansion decisions to the countries we operate in. We also aim to be a major contributor to the economies we work with.​


​Integrity: We believe integrity is the main reason for client loyalty. For that, we stand for what we believe in, and we consider this as a foundation stone for our success.​​

Ethics and responsibility: Our long term existence is highly dependent on the well-being of all our stakeholders. We do our best to act ethically and responsibly with our clients, suppliers, employees, competitors  the society, as well as our shareholders.​​

Compliance: Laws, rules and standards are put for the interest of the market. We uphold rules and regulations and conform to local norms and industry standards applicable to our business​​​.


Competency: We strive to continuously improve our capacity, expertise, and reach, to keep up to our clients' expectations, and be able to serve them  in the best way possible.


Our Reach: We serve our clients in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

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