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Examples of our achievements 

Capital raise ($18 million)

We were mandated to raise equity capital for a project which its promoter has been struggling to secure for several years. At the same time we got mandated, the economy just started to slow down and investors were reluctant to enter into new venture.


Despite that, we managed to raise required capital from a very reputable investor. Doing so, not only we raised the required equity funds, but we secured a strategic investor with a high added value to the project.

Buy-side advisory

Our client was interested in diversifying his portfolio by acquiring some Canadian assets. He was interested in direct investment. However he did not want to go into something that he does not understands.


We did a search in the market for a company that is relevant to his field of business. Short listed few candidates, researched each of the potential acquires, and helped identifying the most suitable one.   


We then represented the client in approaching the current owner, putting together the offer and conducting due diligence on the target. As well as lining up potential management team to take over the management of the company post acquisition

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